Marcus & Scott’s Milwaukee Edelweiss Cruise Wedding

I’ve been looking forward to featuring this beautiful wedding since last summer!  I often say that the weddings that get me right in the feels are the ones that are all about individuality and connection.  This wedding is the PERFECT example of this.

Scott & Marcus traveled all the way from their home in Germany to get married here in Milwaukee.  Family and friends in this area and from Germany came together to help join Scott & Marcus in marriage and it was truly amazing to see the love surrounding them.  Like, literally surrounding them!  One of my favorite parts of their wedding ceremony was that, instead of the wedding guests sitting in pews to watch the ceremony, they had everyone seated around them.  They were literally enveloped by love and support as they said their vows.

Their individuality certain came through from the first moment of their ceremony when they walked side-by-side down the aisle to the most beautiful, romantic instrumental version of “Everything is Awesome” from the Lego Movie!  They had incredible vocalists who sang perfectly selected music throughout and I seriously had goosebumps through almost the entire ceremony.

The ceremony was followed up by a cruise and dinner with the Edelweiss River Cruise Line.  It started out rainy but around the time we reached The Milwaukee Art Museum the clouds parted and we had a sunny ride back – perfect timing since The Calatrava is breathtaking from that angle.  The cruise was the perfect way to celebrate.  There was plenty of space for everyone to mingle and no shortage of sights along the way that made perfect conversation starters.  There’s no better way to show off Milwaukee to first-timers!

I’m so lucky to have been able to hang out with such an amazing couple and be so welcomed by their family.  I also want to mention how lucky I feel that I can share these moments with the world as a testimony that LOVE IS LOVE!


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