You’re Engaged! Yay!

If I weren't photographing weddings I'd probably be crashing them.  That's how much I LOVE weddings.

Okay. Maybe I'm joking?

But truly, whether it is an intimate backyard ceremony or an extravagant party I am geniunely amazed at every wedding I have the honor of photographing.  Weddings today are as unique as the individual couples and I make it my goal at each and every one to tell a one-of-a-kind love story.  From blended families coming together, to same-sex couples, to young couples ready to face the world together- every couple has a story and it's my honor to share it with the world.

People often say that a wedding day is just about the couple.  "It's YOUR special day," they say.  Over the years I've learned it is so much more.  It's about your childhood and the memories that have brought you to this moment.  It's about the support of family, friends and sometimes faith.  It's about the little things and small moments that make you YOU.  (And desserts.  It's definitely about desserts.) 

I'd love to have the opportunity to customize a wedding package for you that reflects your unique day.  All packages include digital files and reprint permission. Click below to send me a message!